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Confused? Good! It's the HOSERS/GPF Crossover!
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[Comic for Monday, February 14, 2000]


[[A posh-looking room, perhaps in Trudy's home as she's wearing a dressing gown. Trudy presses a stud hidden in an ornate box (perhaps Chinese) sitting on a desk next to a light. A bookcase set in the far wall swings open with a screech, revealing a dark opening in the wall.]]
Trudy [[thinks]]: (Sigh)... Everything is moving exactly to plan, falling into place nicely... yet I still feel so... unfulfilled.

[[Trudy goes down a staircase with a stone wall on one side, and no railing. At the bottom off the stairs there is an arched doorway. A torch in a sconce on the wall appears to be the only light. A rat is looking on.]]
Trudy [[thinks]]: I have so much tension to work off... Nick, Ki, Fooker... the arms smuggling fiasco, the failure in conquering Australia... Oh, well, at least I have a way to work some of this off...

[[Dungeon. Trudy is now wearing a black corset and a spiked collar, and has a garment (her dressing gown?) draped on her left forearm. She's holding a bullwhip in her right hand. Agent FallenOne from Hosers is shackled spread-eagled upside down to a wall, or possibly a large wooden board, as an war axe is half-buried into it near his left hand. Other visible weapons are a spea and, a doubleheaded axe (labrys). There's also a iron maden with a carved lid standing upright.]]
Trudy [[thinks]]: ...if only I can finally _break_ this idiot...
Agent FallenOne <<loud>>: _YEAH_, baby! That's the spot!

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