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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Thursday, November 7, 2002]
[Comic for Thursday, November 7, 2002]

Today's strip comes from scribbler extraordinaire Xerexes from life in 4 panels. Xerexes has been a webcomic staple for a while now as creator of several strips, including Burnt Dog Radio. And he's even done something I usually don't with GPF: made the strip topical! After all, if some joker can patent e-commerce and sue the pants off anyone they choose, why shouldn't Nick's patent succeed? (PS: Check out Xerexes strip. It's nifty.)


[[Nick is at the patent office.]]
Patent Clerk: Let's see, a patent application from Nick Wisebottom [note: should be "Wellington"].

[[Nick raises his hand triumphantly.]]
Nick: It's a revolutionary new approach to--
Patent Clerk: GRANTED.

[[The Patent Clerk hands Nick his stamped patent application. Nick leans in, shocked.]]
Nick: Wait, that's it?
Patent Clerk: YEP.

Nick: But you haven't even read it. For all you know, I could have patented anything.

[[Nick takes the application back and starts writing another application.]]
Nick: Hang on a second.
<<Scribble, scribble.>>

[[Nick stands and hands another application to the clerk.]]
Nick: Here, a method of transferring Oxygen with aveoli.

[[Patent Clerk takes the application and reviews it.]]
Patent Clerk: I don't know. I didn't hear the magic words...

[[Nick jumps, searching for the correct words.]]
Nick: Please? Open sesame?
Patent Clerk: No, the magic words are "Over the Internet."

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