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[[Dwayne and Ki are bouncing in the background. Trent is walking off with a girl on either side]]
Sharon: Nick, I'm not sure this is a good idea... You know the old adage about absolute power...
Nick: Nonsense!

Nick: This is the ultimate escapism, Sharon! Let them have their fun. My only concern is overloading the mutex's processors. That's the only reason I wanted to stick to a theme.

Sharon: Still, I don't know if it's wise for us to distort reality so much. What if one of us goes too far...
Oh, No...

[[Sharon looks shocked. Dexter is dressed in a Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform with Troi and Crusher from Barclay's holodeck fantasies at his side]]
Sharon: Dexter, No!
Dexter: I can't help it... I _am_ Lieutenant Barclay!

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