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[Comic for Sunday, November 2, 2003]


[[Nick and Ki are shopping, browsing through the computer department of an unspecified big-box electronics store.]]
Nick: You know what I realized? This week marks my five year anniversary working at GPF.
Ki: Wow. You're finally vested. Congrats.

Ki: You know what that also means? We'll almost be dating for four years... Isn't it time you asked me something?
Nick: [holding a small package and reading its label] Do you think this 300MHz memory will work with an old 100MHz motherboard?

Ki: Not what I was hinting at. I think your clue-o-meter needs reconfigured...
Nick: What? Oh, sorry. Just thinking of upgrading Pandora...

Nick: Wow...Five years. We've been through a lot since then...
Ki: A lot of good stuff, but plenty of bad. Wonder what's in store for this year...

Nick: Don't know, but I'll bet the next big thing is right around the corner...
[[Trish, carrying a home theater box, walks around the corner directly in front of the cart Nick is pushing]]]

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