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[Comic for Monday, April 11, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Meaghan E. Quinn, artistic mastermind behind
Eat the Roses and Vigilante, Ho!

Don't remember Absolutely Incredible Man? Then apparently you have read the bonus story from our first book. While knowledge of that story won't be required to understand this story, it will certainly help.


Sharon: Why do we look so different?
Nick: The MUTEX "adapts" our appearance to the target universe if it varies from our own universe. That's why we appeared as "furries" on our last trip.

Ki[[feeling Nick's huge biceps]]: And I suppose that explains your, um, *heroic* proportions?
Nick: Heh, well, I *did* tweak the settings just a little...
Dexter: No fair! I want to be tweaked!

Fooker[[grinning]]: Oh, *now* I get it! We're in a universe based on your comic book guy "Absolutely Incredible Man!"
Sharon: Absolutely Incrediwho what?
Ki: Fooker! He doesn't know we know that!
Nick: It's okay, Ki. I already knew you guys found my superhero comic years ago. I just didn't want you to know I saw you. I thought this would be a good test bed for the MUTEX's abilities.

Sharon: So Nick draws comic books. Why doesn't that surprise me?
Nick: I don't get to draw much now, thanks to the Inventor's Gene. But I try to sketch when I can.

Fooker: Ya know, I think I'm gonna *like* this new look...
Dexter[[looking at his hands. They all now have hands with four fingers and a thumb]]: Speak for yourself. What kind of freak draws hands with *four* fingers? It's unnatural!

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