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[[Tim and Scott, the former leaders of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, are preparing to report to GPF Software. Neither character is fully identified until the final panel of the strip.]]
Tim: [shadowed, poking around a corner]] It's time for us to head out to GPF software.
Scott: [picking up a PDA] I know. Just gathering a few last-minute things...

Tim: Are you sure this is wise? Will be working right among them. We can't hide our surveillance there.
Scott: It can't be helped. We MUST know the answer.

Tim: Barker didn't recognize us, but Murphy might. If she puts two and two together...
Scott: It's been almost two years. Time may be on our side.

Scott: [determined] Come, Brother Timothy. Today, we fulfill the destiny of the Brotherhood, and find out if Murphy truly is THE ONE...

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