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[[Tim and Sharon are coming back from getting coffee.]]
Tim: So you actually CHEW some coffee beans first, THEN wash them down with the brew?
Sharon: [smiling] It's an acquired taste.

Tim: [thinking] I guess she passes the caffeine test...
Sharon: While I've got a strong man with me, why don't you help me move some hardware upstairs?

Tim: [lifting a server] Some of this equipment looks pretty old.
Sharon: We keep some of these old machines around for clients with small requirements. Not everyone needs top-of-the-line hardware.

Tim: [smirking] Betcha can't make a ten teraflop supercomputer out of this pile of junk...
Sharon: [raising an eyebrow] The woman in me wonders why you'd make that challenge, but the geek in me says you're on.

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