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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[A gaunt Trish is hooked up to the MUTEX and what appears to be life support]]
Shadowy figure 1: Remove her from the apparatus.
Shadowy figure 2: Yes, my Lord.

Shadowy figure 2: Bear in mind that she is very weak. Effectively, she has not used this body for months. Atrophy has claimed much of her bodily systems, and--
Shadowy figure 1: She is strong enough to listen.

Shadowy figure 1: You have failed me for the last time, Agent 2478.
Trish: M-Milord, I-I almost had it. If you could give me just a few more minutes...

Shadowy figure 1: I gave you nearly two and a half years! And you STILL did not reach your objective. My patience has limits.
Trish: I-I'll be more direct! Give me one more chance!

[[Armed and armored guards flank the shadowy figure]]
Shadowy figure 1: I've delayed my plans long enough due to your incompetence. Guards, give miss Marshall her severance package.

[[There is a bright flash in the background]]
Shadowy figure 1: And get a janitorial crew up here. You know how I hate tracking blood all over this expensive carpet.

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