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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki addresses Trudy from the alternate universe, who looks downcast.]]
Ki: How did all this happen?
Alternate Trudy: We don't have time for a detailed history, but maybe I can hit the major milestones.

{{Trudy from the alternate universe narrates the next three panels.}}
[[Scene: Dwayne and Trudy from the alternate universe are sitting in his office. Alternate Dwayne is leering at Alternate Trudy and smoking a cigar.]]
Narration: I was hired in 1998 by Dwayne Duncan, a corrupt businessman who used his small software company to swindle clients with unnecessary fees and hidden costs.

[[Scene: Bedroom of Alternate Trudy's mother. The mother is in bed, looking very ill. Alternate Trudy stands next to her, looking worried. Reeves the butler is in the background, holding a tray.]]
Narration: I didn't care for his lack of ethics, but I needed the money to support my dear ailing mother, who was abandoned when my father stole her fortune.

[[Scene: The GPF offices in the alternate universe. Alternate Fooker is leering at Alternate Trudy, who shrinks back and looks intimidated. Alternate Nick looks through a doorway at the two of them.]]
Narration: Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only honest one of the bunch. It would have been unbearable if it had not been for Nick Wellington...

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