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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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AlterTrudy: Now Emperor Nicholas has full control over Earth, but he is locked into an intersteallar war he does not want to fight.
Ki: Why then did he send Trish to steal the Mutex?

AlterTrudy: The Mutex? He has no interest in the virtual reality system. He already *has* one. He built it as a torture device, and only later discovered its potential interdimensional capabilities.

Fooker: I guess that explains how Trish got here. Why did she go poof?
AlterTrudy: The Emperor's Mutex does not have the power to transport organic matter. It can only create virtual avatars in other universes.

Ki [[Startled Look]]: It doesn't have the power? Nick's VR didn't start hopping dimensions until he...
AlterTrudy [[Looking Grim]]: Hooked it up to the Velociraptor free energy device.

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