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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, June 26, 2006]


[[Dexter and Justin (#18) are helping Dexter the Diabolical (Nega-Dex) out from the ventilation shaft into the main reator area.]]
Justin: The main reactor? Why did you lead us down here?
Nega-Dex: Are you so obtuse that you can't imagine the possibilities?

[[Nega-Dex spreads his arms to the entire reactor. Justin & Dexter look around.]]
Nega-Dex: Nick's greatest asset is also his greatest weakness: his technology! Without it, he is nothing. And without power to run that technology...

[[Justin looks for controls, Nega-Dex smirks.]]
Justin: Right, so where's the monkey wrench and where do we throw it?
Nega-Dex: Well, that all depends...
Justin: Depends on what?

[[Nega-Dex plots revenge, while Justin looks on. His eyes flatten with disgust at Nega-Dex.]]
Nega-Dex: On whether you want a slow and controlled shut down, or a spectacular fireball the size of Kansas...
Justin: While I can guess as to your preference, I'd say slow and controlled.

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