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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Justin helps a beat-up Fooker to his feet]]
Justin: You okay, bro?
Fooker: Nothing six months in the hospital and a few years of rehab can't fix.

Fooker (to Nega-Dexter): Whoa... Dex... You've been working out...
Nega-Dexter: I think I like your Barker better. More of a sense of humor.

Dexter (looking down): Um, General Barker's body is causing a whole lot of sparks down there...
Nega-Dexter: He struck the Primary Distribution Node.

Fooker: Let me guess... That's a bad thing, right?
Nega-Dexter: Let's just say you no longer have a choice between slow and controlled and a fireball the size of Kansas.

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