For those who have asked or have considered asking about the flooding currently occurring in West Virginia: Our family is safe. Our house is up on a mountain and far enough from the flood plains to not be directly affected. However, there are many people in our area who are affected. If you wish to help those in need, please contact the WV division of the American Red Cross or the WV VOAD, or check out this Huffington Post article for additional links.

General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[A hand punches upward from inside a ventilation duct on a roof with an urban wasteland behind]]

[[Nega-Dexter climbs out of the air vent to the roof]]
Nega-Dexter: At last! Freedom! To breathe fresh air once more! Huzzah!

Nega-Dexter: cough... Actually, it's pretty noxious. That will be the first act of my new regime. I'll clean up the environment, make the sheep love me. THEN crush their spirits! Now I'll--

[[a shadow falls across Nega-Dexter from above. He looks up]]
Nega-Dexter: Ah, crap.

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