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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry Barker stands in front of the rest of the students facing Prof McDongle (Patty)]]
Prof McDongle: And Miss Stranger goes to Torvalds. Next... Harry Barker.

[[The sorting cat lies on Harry's hands, which are resting on a keyboard]]
Sorting cat: Hmm... nimble fingers... extended reach... a natural coder, no doubt. But where to put you? You have potential, boy...

[[Close-up of the sorting cat's eyes]]
Sorting cat: You could be great wherever you go. You could hack kernels under Torvalds, or elegant GUIs with Wozniak. Or you could take the harsher, darker path of Mitnick and taste the power of cracking another's system.

[[The sorting cat and Harry look at each other]]
Sorting cat: Tell me... where do YOU want to go?
Harry: Somewhere that makes all this mess make sense.
Sorting cat: TO TORVALDS!

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