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[[Ki zaps into the world of Bog of Bloodbath]]
Nick: (off-panel) OK, Ki, you're in. This should be the "Nethermoor" server. Is everything OK?

[[Ki looks down at her revealing female elven outfit]]
Ki: I'm fine, but we need to talk to my tailor. Any chance I can bring this back with me? I think you'll like it. Lots of... open access.
Nick: (off-panel) I'll... see what I can do.

[[Ki looks toward the sun on the horizon]]
Nick: (off-panel) I can confirm that this is where they "spawned", but unfortunately they could have gone anywhere from here. You'll need to track them down on your own.
Ki: And just how am I supposed to do that?

[[Ki kneels and sees footprints in the grass]]
Nick: (off-panel) You're a ranger, remember? Use your skills. I artificially inflated your level to give you better odds.
Ki: Did I mention that I love you?

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