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[[Nick's desk]]
Ki {{from in the MUTEX}}: Nick, there's a castle up ahead. Do you think Dex, Tim, and Patty might be in there?
Nick: I can guarantee it. That's Helmforge Castle.

[[scene BoB Server]]
Ki: It looks deserted ...
Nick {{from outside the MUTEX}}: (interrupts) _All_ of "Bog of Bloodbath" is deserted, remember? It's just you guys and our mysterious hacker.

[[scene Nick's desk]]
Nick: But they're there all right, all four of them. They're all clearly on my map, and the hacker has complete control over this server, meaning he can do whatever he wants.

[[scene BoB Server]]
Nick {{probably, it's a voice-over}}: "That means our friends are almost certainly walking into a trap ..."

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