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[[Fooker and Sharon stand in line outside a movie theater. A poster for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" is visible in the background.]]
Sharon: Thanks for insisting on getting out to see a movie. That server migration has been maddening.
Fooker: You deserve it, babe.

Fooker: You've been working on this project non-stop for months. I know it's a tight schedule, but you need some down time. A little escapism should do the trick.
Sharon: Bless you.

[[Fooker turns to pay for the tickets. Sharon becomes irritated while thinking of Scott.]]
Sharon: It's not just that, though. I've had to spend more time than I'd like with Scott. Even though Dwayne ordered him to back off, I can still tell he's watching me, waiting for his geek messiah.

[[Sharon appears relieved when Scott suddenly appears behind them.]]
Sharon: At least I can escape him on the weekend...
Scott: Greetings, muggles! Here to attend the magic lantern show?

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