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[[Recovering slightly, Lieutenant Stone plants his boot into Emperor Nicholas' (aka "Nega-Nick's") belly and sends him flying back across the room, where he remains sitting as Stone collapses.]]

Nicholas: [grinning evilly] Ooh, tough break. Didn't I overhear that you had a lethal dose of something in that sharp? My bad...
Stone: [grimacing] Ngh...

Stone: [starting to sweat as whatever was in the syringe starts to take effect] I... and this host... are expendable. But YOU... seem to have knowledge... we lack. We'll extract that... soon enough.

[[The hospital food tray from the cart has fallen to the floor, and with a <<KLAK>> its lid opens and something begins to ooze out.]]
Nicholas: No... You have GOT to be kidding me...

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