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[Comic for Tuesday, November 24, 1998]


[[Fooker is reading a magazine. Meanwhile, computer code (apparently with a pseudo-C syntax) is running through his head.]]
Fooker: [thinking] for (i=0; i<=5000; i++){
length += 5.167;
area = PI*rad*rad;
if (area >= 600)
big_flag = 1;
big_flag = 0;

[[Fooker is pushing a shopping cart at the market, still thinking in code.]]
Fooker: [thinking] switch (choice){
case 1: flag=7; break;
case 2: flag=14; break;
case 3: flag=7; option=4; break;
default: flag=0; }

[[Fooker is speaking to Ki, who seems to be absorbed in her computer.]]
Fooker: Ever get a song stuck in your head all day...?
Fooker: [thinking] putpixel(x,y,0);

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