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[[Nick, Ki, and Fred are chatting online. Neither Nick nor Ki know who Fred is. The scene is centered on Nick.]]
Nick, as Gort: That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard! >:(
Fred, as Theprof: Sorry bucko, but it's true; it's gotta be the worst movie ever made.

[[The scene switches to Ki]]
Fred, as Theprof: The acting's wooden, the plot's cliche, the F
X are shabby at best...
Ki, as Pookel: You're asking for it, pal...

[[The scene switches to Fooker and Fred. Fooker just entered]]
Fooker: Watcha doin' Fred?
Fred: Toying with a few geeks' heads...
Pookel: *NO ONE* talks about star wars like that...

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