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[Comic for Monday, July 31, 2000]


[[Ki, Nick and Fooker are walking in the U.G.A. headquarters]]
Narrator: For those who came in late: Lured by a mysterious phone call, Nick and Ki have just learned Fooker is really a secret agent.
Fooker: Now I'll show you where I get my orders...
[[Fooker presses a button on the wall]]
[[A door opens]]

[[Nick, Ki and Fooker go through the door]]
Nick: This looks like the convenience stoor on Elm street...
Fooker: That's because it IS. It's yet another U.G.A. front.

Nick: Is that why the same hotdogs have been in that machine for four years?
Fooker: Yep. Most people never notice the wiener bomb rack, though. Except that poor sap who actually bit into one...

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