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[Comic for Sunday, October 1, 2000]


[[Fooker and Fred watch television in Fooker's living room, Fred is holding the remote]]
Remote: <<click>>
Television: Next on MTV's Celebrity Slugfest... Netscape vs. Microsoft!
Fooker: Hold it...

[[Television screen, a boxing ring with Janet Reno and the Netscape and Windows icons]]
Announcer: With tonight's special guest, Janet Reno!
Janet Reno: I want good clean fight... you. None of those binding licensing agreements...
Netscape: Heh heh...
Microsoft: Aw man...

[[Netscape hits Microsoft with a left hook]]
Netscape: You can't abide by any standards, can you? Gotta change 'em into something proprietary...
Microsoft: Look who's talking! I know, I'll just give my browser away for free!

[[Microsoft bites Netscape's leg]]
Netscape: Ms. Reno! He's not playing fair!
Microsoft! I've got so much money, I'll just buy your sorry butt!
Janet Reno: About your browser...

[[Living Room, Fooker looks at Fred in mild disbelief]]
Fred: I never knew this show was so topical...
Television: Now Reno is beating up Microsoft! Uh, oh, here comes that old timer, Lynx!

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