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[[Ki and Nick are sitting, Fooker stands to the right wearing a fancy suit and holding a credit card]]
Fooker: Check it out, dudes! They sent me a plutonium Mastercharge card!
Ki: "Plutonium" Mastercharge?

[[Closeup of Fooker holding the card to camera]]
Fooker: The interest rate is a low 5.9 APR and it has a kewl ten million dollar credit limit. The rate I'm going, I figure I have a good $25,000 left after the Armano suit and the Leer jet.

[[Long shot, Fooker is 'strutting']]
Nick: I feel a great disturbance in the Force...
Fooker: It even glows in the dark. Get it? Glows? Plutonium? Radioactive? N'yuk! N'yuk!

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