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[Comic for Sunday, December 3, 2000]


{{This comic is drawn very much in the style of the Calvin and Hobbes strip series to which it refers}}
[[Extended Sunday edition panel, a snowy wood with footprints leading to a GPF logo, which obscures the characters]]
Nick: Fooker...

[[Fooker is standing behind Nick who is sitting on a red plastic toboggan, Fooker wears red earmuffs, Nick a red beanie]]
Nick: Have you ever pondered the meaning of "Calvin and Hobbes"?
Fooker: How so?

[[Fooker is now sitting on the back of the toboggan, both are going downhill at speed]]
Nick: I mean, they are forever hurling themselves down the same hill, always discussing some deep philosophical argument...

[[They speed off into the distance]]
Nick: It's as if Fate draws them into a continual causality loop. thrusting them to inevitably grapple with their destiny while plunging invariably toward the rocky stream of life below.

[[The toboggan crashes on a rock, hurling Nick and Fooker into the air]]

[[Nick and Fooker lay in the snow, Fooker with his head buried in a drift]]
Nick: Maybe we should just stick to bad Unix jokes...
Fooker: % what is saccharine
Fooker: bad substitute

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