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[[Fooker is in a booth with the label 'COMPUTER ACCOUNTS' below it, Ki is standing before the counter]]
Fooker: Watcha need, hot stuff? Dial-up, lab access, most passionate night of your life?
Ki: I need a Unix account.

[[Inside the booth, Fooker is talking to someone off panel, Ki is still standing at the window]]
Fooker: Ah, little chicky wants to surf the web... one dial-up, coming up...
Ki: No, I need dial-up AND developer access. Here's my form.

[[Outside the booth, Fooker is leaning out the window]]
Fooker: Developer access? You don't need that unless you're a "CS."
Ki: I AM a comp sci. That's my major.

[[Outside the booth, Fooker is calling to someone off scene]]
Fooker: Check it out! Little girl freshy thinks she's a comp sci!
Stranger from off scene: She'll be in info systems by next semester...

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