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[[ Inside the courtroom.]]
{{Tagline: Opening Arguments:}}
Viktor: As the logs clearly show, Jason Barker forwarded the stolen code, compromising my client's intellectual property.

[[The judge is seated at his bench. In front of him is a name plate that is partially concealed but appears to say, "Da Judge".]]
Judge: Counselor, I'm no expert, but doesn't the e-mail address listed as sending the code to Mr. Barker belong to your client's corporation?

Viktor: That is irrelevant, your honor. It is well known that e-mail headers can be "spoofed," obfuscating their origin. It's a tactic commonly used by "spammers."

[[The judge frowns at Viktor.]]
Judge: And what about the Ubersoft employee who _admitted_ sending the message to Barker?
Viktor: Did I mention Mr. Barker has terrible hygeine?

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