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[[Nick and Ki talking in Nick's apartment]]
Nick: I'm sorry, Ki, but that's the best I can explain it. I haven't seen any real evidence of Trudy's "crimes" against you and Fooker.

[[Flashback to Nick and Dwayne talking at the office]]
Nick: [[As narrator]] "I had a very long talk with Dwayne about this, and he's as confused about your claims as I am."

[[Angelic Trudy side-by-side with devilish Turdy]]
Nick: [[As narrator]] "It's as if we're all talking about two different people, one good, one evil. No matter how much we bicker, she can't be both.

Ki: So that's her scheme... set us at each other's throats. Divide and conquer...
Nick: Excuse me, but were you LISTENING?!

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