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{{Trudy has won the job application and is introduced to her new colleagues at C.R.U.D.E.}}

[[Trudy is in a waiting-room. Dr. Nefarious enters through a curtained doorway.]]
Dr. Nefarious: Congratulations, Miss Trueheart! You seem to have outlasted your competition. Welcome to C.R.U.D.E.!

[[Trudy, Dr.Nefarious, Dr. Not and Moldfinger (alias Sean Connery)]]
Dr. Nefarious: I am Dr. Nefarious, acting president. This is Dr. Not and Moldfinger. Mr. Inertia rounds out the main four, but he was detained.
Dr. Not: Congratulations.

[[Trudy holds out her hand to Moldfinger.]]
Trudy: It's nice to see you again, Mr. Connery... OR should I say "Moldfinger"...
Dr. Not: You two have already met?
Moldfinger: Unfortunately.

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