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[[Fooker is wearing plaid shorts and no shirt. Trudy is wearing a robe.]]
Trudy: He's getting away!
Fooker: [[holds open door of fake fridge, grabs alien's arm and yanks alien out]] Not if I can help it!

Fooker: I _knew_ it!
{{alien font}}
Alien: [[looking alarmed]] Ahk! Code magenta! Gamma override!

Trudy: [[looks on from behind Fooker]] Fooker... I-is that...?
Fooker: An alien? Yes. I remember these guys...
{{alien font}}
Alien: [[looking angry]] Unlikely. We never capture the same specimen twice.

Fooker: [[looking at alien pointedly, wagging his finger]] How 'bout I stuff some "doodads" up your gray little--
{{alien font}}
Alien: [[borderline panicky]] Ahk! R-reject xb3-239?!?
Trudy [[looks on quizzically]] ?

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