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[Comic for Saturday, November 3, 2001]


Narrator: And so, another day, another year of GPF draws to a close. Here's to many more years of twisted confusion!

[[Nicole approaches Dwayne, concerned. Dwayne storms out of the GPF building.]]
Nicole: Dwayne, why is Sydney covered in green slime?
Dwayne: DON'T ASK.

[[Nick & Ki leave the GPF building.]]
Nick: So... Another movie tonight?
Ki: Let's just make out. That's what we'd end up doing anyway...

[[Trudy exits the GPF building covered in manure. Flies are encircling her.]]

[[Fooker leaves the GPF building, satisfied and whistling happily.]]
Fred: I'm covered in infant drool. Why are YOU so happy?

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