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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, December 30, 2001]


[[Nick, Ki and Todd in a car being chased by Fookinator.]]
Nick: Is it still behind us?
Ki: For the past twelve miles...
Nick: Speedy cuss, ain't he?

[[Inside the car.]]
Todd: What's your plan, Nick?
Nick: I was thinking... In the first "Terminator" movie, it was crushed in a hydraulic press. There aren't any of those anywhere nearby...

[[Nick looks determined.]]
Nick: In "T2" both Terminators were melted in molten steel. Well, we don't have a steel plant in town, but...
[[Todd looks puzzled.]]
[[Ki despairs.]]
Ki: Oh, no...

[[View of Fookinator chasing the car.]]
Nick: ...we do have the Wilkens chocolate factory...
Unidentified: So, we're going to nougat it to death?
Nick: Well, maybe it's allergic to peanuts...

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