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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Fooker's trial begins...}}
[[Sedgewikki is holding a shotgun with a tag on it.]]
Sedgewikki: I present Exhibit A, a shotgun found at the scene, still warm, bearing the defendant's fingerprints.

[[Sedgewikki is standing in front of a TV, showing Fooker holding weapons.]]
Sedgewikki: I present Exhibit B, the mall security video, clearly showing the defendant discharging weapons on the scene.

[[Sedgewikki plays an audio tape.]]
Sedgewikki: I present Exhibit C, an audio tape made by a mall employee analyzed and confirmed to be the defendant's voice.
Tape: Hasta lasagna, baby.

[[Defendant's bench: Maddie has her head in her hands.]]
Fooker: How are we doing?
Maddie: You don't have any plans for the next 900 years, right?

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