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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, February 27, 2002]


[[Another defendant in a Quake T-shirt takes the witness stand.]]
Sedgewikki: Mr. Henson, you work at the "Slammin' Discs" music and game store, correct?
Mr. Henson: Sure thing, lawyer dude.

Sedgewikki: Describe, in your own words, what you saw.
Mr. Henson: Well, the dee-fen-dent (kewl goatee, dude) was like, wasting the place...

[[Mr. Henson holds an invisible rifle.]]
Mr. Henson: It was, like, totally Quake 3, ya know? He was fraggin' folks left and right with a grenade launcher. There were, like, gibs everywhere.

[[Sedgewikki looks frustrated and angry.]]
Sedgewikki: That's enough. You may step down.
Mr. Henson: Dude, you woulda gotten a higher score if'n ya got the B.F.G. or th' rail gun, ya know?

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