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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, May 5, 2002]


[[Sam Lestrade arrives with some other law enforcement officials near where the bus came to rest]]
Man with mustache: Hot dang, Sam... sure pulled a Casey Jones here.
Sam Lestrade: Who's in charge here?
Cop: Sheriff Williams, over there.

[[The bus drier is speaking with the Sheriff]]
Bus Driver: ... then I saw the train barreling down on us. I barely got out alive. All the others are dead.
Sheriff Williams: Guess that wraps up _this_ investigation...
Sam Lestrade, off-panel: I don't think so...

[[Sheriff and Sam Lestrade, face-to-face]]
Sheriff Williams: Who the heck are you?
Sam Lestrade: Deputy US Marshall Sam Lestrade. I'm taking over by authority of the governor.

[[A red haired man approaches with some evidence]]
Sheriff Williams: If all the prisoners are dead...
Red-haired man: Sam!
Sam Lestrade: Looky here... leg irons without legs in them. Care to revise your statement?

[[The bus driver clutches his arm while looking at a sheet]]
Bus driver: Three of them... might have escaped
Sam Lestrade: Including _this_ one?
Bus driver: Y-yeah... he's alive.
Sam Lestrade: Good boy.

Sam Lestrade: Our fugitives have been on the run for 90 minutes. Your man is _Jason Barker_.

Red-haired man: One armed man? Nah. This one's excuse is a killer cyborg.

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