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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Ki waves goodbye to the police car]]
Ki thinks: I'm glad the police gave me a ride home, and now that they know about Chuck, I hope that will deter any action from him.

[[Ki walks inside as Mrs. Oshiro greets her]]
Ki thinks: I can't let Mom and Yoshi know. Though, I can't alarm them just yet, not until I have hard evidence.
Mrs. Oshiro: There you are!

[[Ki with Yoshi, who is watching the TV]]
Ki: What's going on?
Yoshi: Your friends just made the national news. Take a look

[[Ki is dismayed as the TV shows Fooker, Dwayne, and Trent]]
TV: ... manhunt continues for escaped murderer Jason Barker and his two fellow prisoners.

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