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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Saturday, June 22, 2002]


[[Fooker & Dwayne are talking by Wallace T. Bruin's phone.]]
Fooker: How's Nicole?
Dwayne: J-just fine... God, it was so wonderful to hear her voice...

Fooker: I've done a lot of thinking since the trial, and I think it's important we talk to Nick and Ki as soon as possible.
Dwayne: That won't be easy.

Dwayne: Nick said Ki is with her parents and we don't have the number. Plus, Nick hadn't moved by the time I was convicted.
Fooker: Well, I do have one last idea...

[[Sharon is sitting, reading in her apartment. The phone rings.]]
Sharon: ?

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