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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Title: Surreptitios Machinations Chapter Eight: Wars and Confrontations}}
[[Overhead perspective: A helicopter descends toward Liberty Island.]]
Trudy: Here we are!

[[The helicopter lands. Nick has disembarked bearing two attache cases. Trudy is disembarking. An armed guard and a lab-coated woman are barely visible.]]
Trudy: Now don't forget... don't activate the device until I give the signal. Part of the whole effect is the element of surprise!
Nick: Okay...

[[Trudy and Nick reach Dr. Not. More armed CRUDE guards in the background.]]
Trudy: This is Dr. Nadda, who represents our client. She'll be observing your side of the demonstration.
Nick: Hello.

[[Mr. Intertia's POV, high above the ground, on Nick, Trudy, Dr. Not, and guards. Nick is visibly shaken at his size.]]
Trudy: And this is Mr. Inertia. He'll be working security so our competitors won't find out what we're up to.
Nick: Um, hi...

[[Trudy taps Nick's nose.]]
Trudy: If anything goes wrong, just follow their lead. But I know my smart little Nick has everything under control.

[[Trudy's eyes are evil-squinty as she returns to the helicopter]]
Nick: Good luck, Trudy...
Trudy: Don't worry! This is going to be a real BLAST!

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