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[Comic for Sunday, December 29, 2002]


Dexter: Good morning, Sherry...
Sharon: Dexter, it's SHARON...

Dexter: Oh, yeah. Sorry. I wonder why I keep forgetting that.
Sharon: Must... Kill... Fooker...

Dexter: What's going on ?
Sharon: Just restoring some of the old off-site backups.

Sharon: That's interesting... Ki had a really big text file on the file server with this funny name... "Ethendale." I wonder if that was a personal file or some project...

Dexter: You could always open it and find out...
Sharon: Just because I have root access doesn't mean I should snoop on other people's files.

Dexter: Then where's all the fun in being a sys admin ?
Sharon: Setting user quotas to 1k and making their default save directory
null but that's beside the point.

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