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[Comic for Saturday, March 22, 2003]


[[Yoshi & S1r3n continue to swap IM's.]]
b0r0m1r: got file. what's in it?
S1r3n: open and see, but don't show to anyone else. top secret.

[[Scott's point of view, over Yoshi's shoulder.]]
S1r3n: gotta go, feds tailing me again. keep file safe. will contact soon.
b0r0m1r: ok

[[Scott is standing behind Yoshi, hopeful.]]
Scott: This is, like, most excessive kewlness! What's in the file?
Yoshi: Like I'm going to open it in front of YOU. Scram. I'll see you at school tomorrow.

[[Yoshi opens the file.]]
Yoshi (thinks): What a hoser. Now what could be so important S1r3n would... GREAT NEWTON'S GHOST!
[[Yoshi blanches and jumps at the sight on his screen.]]
Narration Text: To Be Continued!

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