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[Comic for Friday, April 11, 2003]


[[Ki and Nick are walking through the office.]]
Nick: So you're not upset about me having dinner with the Goodman Rubber girl?
Ki: No, I trust you implicitly.

[[Nick & Ki reach the doorway to the main part of the office.]]
Ki: This is a business function, and I know my Nick will be purely professional. Unless you think SHE is up to something?
Nick: I... don't think so.

[[Nick & Ki pass Dexter and Trent. Ki's arm is on Nick's closest shoulder. Dexter is holding a paper he was explaining to Trent, before Nick & Ki came in. Trent listens to their conversation over his shoulder.]]
Ki: Good. Then you just go on your little dinner date, dazzle her with your talents, and tell me how it went when you get home.

[[Trent looks after them and folds his arms. Dexter drops his arm holding the paper. Trent sneers.]]
Trent: Now why can't I find me a girl like THAT?

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