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[[Ki and Persephone are thinking of jobs to get Fred. Nick is working on a small remote-sized invention with a screwdriver.]]
Ki: What kind of job can we find for Fred where he doesn't have to directly interface with people?

[[Ki leans in to Persephone.]]
Persephone: What about phone tech support? No one can tell from his voice he's a slime mold.
Ki: True, but he'd still have to interview, so that won't work.

[[Ki sits back up. Nick sticks his tongue out, trying to improve his dexterity.]]
Persephone: What if he interviews with someone who already knows he's a slime mold?
Ki: But who--

[[Nick jumps, making his screwdriver slip and cross circuits, providing him with a big jolt, on top of the added surprise of Ki's screaming.]]

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