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[[Dwayne, Ki and Fred are in Dwayne's office. Dwayne is sitting behind the desk, Fred and Ki are both sitting on the desk. Dwayne is pointing at Fred.]]
Dwayne: So let me get this straight. You want me to hire Fred as our new phone support operator?
Ki: Yes!

[[Ki shows off Fred with her hand.]]
Ki: He's compact, so he doesn't take up much space. He's not human, so he isn't governed by wage laws, and he has a soothing, educated tone.

[[Dwayne curls a finger next to his lip and raises an eyebrow.]]
Dwayne: Um, I don't know...
Fred: Did she fail to mention that I don't pay taxes, so it can all be under the table?

[[Dwayne narrows his eyes, and Ki leans in.]]
Dwayne: Why do I have a feeling I'm going to regret this...?
Fred: Run a phone line out to the dumpster and I'm golden.

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