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[[Fred is on the GPF help line. He is wearing a headset and sitting in front of a computer.]]
Fred: Good afternoon. This is GPF Software, Fred speaking. how may I help you?
Customer: Yes, I can't seem to access my database.

Fred: Okay, what sort of error are you getting when you start the client?
Customer: Client? Oh, is that the software they gave me? I haven't installed it yet.

[[Fred reels from this turn of events.]]
Fred: You... haven't...?
Customer: So what do I do with it? I put the CD in my car stereo, and it just made this awful noise...

[[Fred turns his head. Dwayne is watching him from behind.]]
Fred: Oops. It seems he was accidentally disconnected...
[[Dwayne narrows his eyes.]]
Dwayne: Let's talk about our people skills.

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