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[Comic for Wednesday, May 7, 2003]


[[In the basement of GPF, everyone listens to Nick's explanation of his invention.]]
Dwayne: Nick, what in Sam Hill is going on here?
Nick: Dwayne, you are about to be introduced to my newest invention.

[[Nick points to a bunch of chairs with helmets suspended above them and a machine behind them.]]
Nick: This is the Multi-User Titanic Entertainment Experience, or "MUTEX." It is an advanced Virtual Reality system that allows users to explore fantasy worlds in detail.

[[Sharon, Dexter, Ki and trent stand nearby. Ki thinks about this for a moment.]]
Ki (thinks): This smells like a bad movie parody...
Sharon: Is this why we lost power? How does this thing work? And what's with the chairs and helmets?

[[Nick points upward with a stern look on his face.]]
Nick: No one can be told what the MUTEX is. You have to see it for yourself.
[[Ki slaps her forehead. Fred, Dwayne, and Sharon look at Nick inquisitively.]]
Ki (thinks): Crap.

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