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[[Dwayne, in Morpheus-outfit, is bouncing upwards, Ki, in Trinity clothing, is climbing onto the rooftop, a sky-line is visible in the background]]
Dwayne: Ki? Had enough of this 70-story trampoline?
Ki: Yeah... I'm going to find Nick.

[[Ki looks around, Dexter is visible in the background, wearing a Star Trek technician's uniform and is accompanied by Seven-of-Nine and Ilia]]
Ki (thinking): Where did he go? I thought I saw him and Sharon chasing after Trent, but nobodys left on the roof but Dexter.

[[Shot from above of Ki taking off her sunglasses]]
Ki (thinking): Part of me is afraid of this new invention, but I admit Nick's done something amazing with this Mutex thing. Everything seem so real!

[[Close-up of Ki thinking, a skyline visible in the background]]
Ki (thinking): To reach into a person's thoughts and make their fantasies come to life... The potential for both good and evil is just...
Voice from outside panel: As the man said...

[[A completely shocked Ki is looking at Todd!]]
Todd: Anything is possible...

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