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[[Trent angrily exits Dwayne's office as Fred watches from outside the office]]

[[Fred enters Dwayne's office]]
Fred: Is it safe to come in now?
Dwayne: Yes, Fred. I've talked with Trent and given him a stern warning not to bother you again.

Fred: A warning? That's it?
Dwayne: This is his first offense. If we continue to have problems, I'll pursue stronger disciplinary actions.

[[Dwayne pulls out the employee handbook]]
Fred: He actively tried to kill me!
Dwayne: He didn't know his actions were so dangerous to you. Besides, I followed the rules I set in the employee handbook.

[[Fred takes the handbook]]
Fred: Let me see that...
Dwayne: Everyone gets a chance to straighten up and fly right. I can arrange for you two not to have contact if you're uncomfortable.

[[Fred reads the handbook]]
Fred: Well... okay. But about this line that says "No one will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation..." I see no provision for species...
Dwayne: Guess I'll have to revise that...

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