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{{The Trish in this comic is the "good" Trish}}

[[Sharon, Ki and Trish are standing in a hallway. Sharon is opening the door to her apartment while Ki speaks with Trish]]
Trish: So, you thought I was someone else?
Ki: Not exactly. More like someone else thought they were you.

[[Inside, Sharon walks to her Apple computer in front of the picture while Ki and Trish enter the room in the rear]]
Ki: It's a long story, but we'll find out soon enough. Sharon, can you get into Goodman Rubber's servers from here in your apartment?

[[Close-up of Sharon, holding her finger up in a paternalizing way, her computer screen in the background]]
Sharon: Through a few chained SSH logins, yes, I can get access to their HR intranet. But I must protest that such access would be an abuse of my powers as sys admin and would certainly be illegal.

[[Trish and Ki stand behind Sharon, who sits at her computer. Sharon squints the squint of the wicked]]
Ki: Four words: "The Counsel of Ethendale."
Sharon: Logging in now...
Trish: You two are so WEIRD...

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