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[[An angry Sharon picks up her order from the vending machine while Fleuel, Patel, and Sato look on; Fleuel is grinning and Sato is snickering]]
Fleuel: Well, well... guess who had one of her users set up an open Wi-Fi access point today?
Sato: Snicker.

[[Focus on the three admins. Fleuel has a condescending expression, Sato and Patel are smirking]]
Fleuel: _Real_ Sys Admins like us wouldn't stand for such loose security.
Patel: Bet her company's data is all over the web by now.

[[Sato is smirking while Sharon growls]]
Sato: My, Ms. Murphy, we didn't know you were so promiscuous, linking up with any MAC address that wants in. So unladylike...
Sharon: Grr...

[[Sharon turns away with a grin on her face. Fleuel, Sato, and Patel look hurt]]
Sharon: I only have three things to say; Blaster, Sobig, and Mydoom.
Fleuel: _Ouch_.
Patel: That was _low_.
Sato: Curse you and your open source software...

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