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[[Yoshi is working while Trudy is sleeping]]
Yoshi narrating: I worked most of the night. It's one of those geek things, ya know. Once I start something, I can't leave it alone 'til I'm done.

[[Same scene, except Trudy is in the foreground]]
Yoshi narrating: S1r3n ran out of steam around 2 a.m. She curled up on the cot in the corner and fell asleep. I coudl tell she hadn't had much sleep for a while, so I let her get what she could.

[[The naked Ki, Fooker, Nefarious, Todd, Chuck, and Empress Trudy are shown in Trudy's dream, as is the darkening environment]]
Yoshi narrating: If I had known it was her _dreams_ that kept her awake, I might have changed my mind...
Voices: You use people like tissues... justice will prevail... Your future is unknown... MURDERER... I AM YOUR DESTINY...

[[Trudy sits up and screams. Yoshi is startled]]
Trudy; AAAAAH!

[[Trudy buries her face in her hands, crying]]
Yoshi narrating: I was wrong earlier. _Now_ the least expected thing happened..
Trudy: I-I'm... I'm sorry... ob

{{Thiis, Trudy's realization that she is using Yoshi the way she used Nick, seems to be her personal "turning point"}}

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