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[Comic for Tuesday, July 6, 2004]


Ki: What's going on?
Dexter: Did she just say...?
Nick: Sharon... invited... Trish...
Fooker: Who's Trish?

Dwayne: You don't mean THE Trish, do you?
Sharon: One and the same. I didn't have a choice! She was so pitiful... she wore down my defenses.
Ki: Sharon, you DIDN'T?!

Fooker (angry looking): But WHO is this Trish?
Ki: Tell the molds to hide. She doesn't know.
Nick: Cover the MUTEX. She shouldn't see that.
Dexter: I'll hide all the sharp implements.

Fooker (Angry): Will someone PLEASE tell me who the heck this Trish person is?
Trish (In the open door next to Fooker, looking nervous): Hi! I brought some mixed nuts, since they're just like me... heh...

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